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Grave Descend by John Lange (Michael Crichton)

Grave Descend - John Lange, Michael Crichton

The feminist take: Three women. One is deceitful, one is a whore, and the third is a hot-tempered Latina.

The Jamaican perspective: White mon too good, da black mon do all the killing.

The male Anglo view: Good, fast-paced crime thriller.

Well, reasonably good. It's about a diver who is hired to salvage a ship which, he discovers, hasn't sunk yet. It was nominated for an Edgar Award in the Paperback Original category, and it delivers on that level. Before it's all over John Lange (i.e., Michael Crichton) has mixed in money laundering, the Mafia, and missing World War II treasure. And a couple of vicious ocelots.

Our hero doesn't say much, but that's probably because the plot is so breathless.