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Notes on Goldfinger by Ian Fleming

Goldfinger (James Bond) - Ian Fleming

* The seventh Bond book.

* Fourth appearance of Leiter (briefly).

* Kind of Moonraker meets Live and Let Die, in the fact that the story begins with a millionaire who cheats at cards and is about a man who is more criminal than government operative.

* The most implausible of all Bond books to date. The reader, like the heads of various American criminal organizations when they first hear Goldfinger's plan to knock over Fort Knox, can only scoff. However, unlike these men (and one woman), nothing that happens subsequently can possibly change our opinion: the plan is daft and unworkable. The way it ends makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

* It's easy to scoff also at Bond's last moments with Pussy Galore, the Lesbian (with a capital "L") head of the all-woman crime organization the Cement Mixers. (Bond "feels sorry for" homosexuals, but he has "no time for them.")

* Goldfinger himself is less interesting than he could have been simply for being too much like Drax from Moonraker.

* In all, a disappointing book, but well-written, and with some good moments, particularly in the first half, part of which is taken up with a game of golf that is both suspenseful and fun.

* The third Bond movie (Sean Connery).

* Somehow the basic plot survives, although with significant alterations, particularly to Goldfinger's objectives regarding Fort Knox. It's a clever change, though, and ties in with an earlier change relating to Goldfinger's crime lord accomplices.

* Still isn't believable, of course.

* Felix Leiter is here played by Cec Linder, and a poorer choice is difficult to imagine.