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Suffer the Children by John Saul

Suffer the Children - John Saul

According to Wikipedia, this first novel was the result of Dell Publishing asking Saul if he was interested in writing a psychological thriller. Perhaps that framework accounts for the book's disturbing themes and its more gruesome scenes. Not that Saul does much more than scratch the surface, but when the surface is child molestation and serial murder, it's possible to get away with that (in a horror novel).

Saul gets away with quite a bit, really: characters that flip-flop so often it's a wonder they don't injure themselves, great lapses in logic, and a "ghost" whose motivation is never really clear. But, again, it's the subject matter that propels the book; that, and the inescapable hope that somebody will eventually figure out what's going on and, possibly, save an innocent girl from further torment.