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I took a brief swim through the BL discussion groups today.  The BBA Whisperer discussion group led me to the BBA Whisperer blog -- and into a whole world of authors carping about bad reviews of their work that I had no idea existed.  It's a world, I discovered, that's about as distasteful as the one I found through the BDSM group, which led me to a site that described a practice known as "cock stuffing," which involves "inserting smooth, long, and thin surgical steel rods...into a man's urethra."


But I don't want to knock the BDSM crowd; they have relationships that work, that are based on mutual understanding and trust.  They wouldn't waste a minute on anyone as selfish, narrow-minded, and whiny as these outraged authors.  One author said that a reviewer who had nothing good to say ought to say nothing at all.  In the BDSM community, and I think in the world at large, that's a recipe for disaster.