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The Women of Pulp (Weird Tales)

Sexism in genre fiction:  what better representation than pulp art?  And what better example of sexist pulp art than the covers of Weird Tales?


Oh, but I love them anyway.  Still, it's fun to look for the good in things (maybe because so few people do it).  So here are some covers with some positive messages.



"Cat" or not, this chick isn't going down without a fight.




You can tell by her alert expression and careful posture why *she's* not the one dumb enough to get locked in a cage.




I can't even fathom the strength, dexterity, and concentration it would take to ride a giant tiger, let alone to do it side-saddle.




If we are judged partly by those with whom we choose to associate, then let's give this woman credit for picking a guy with the guts to give a big, fat F-you to a demon.




Talk about women who run with wolves.