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Max Payne (2008), directed by John Moore [unrated director’s cut]

Max Payne has one very cool visual effect and a fun noir comic-book style (even though it was based on a video game), but the story is a mess. Rather than trying to find the logic in the violence, it sees the two as equivalent, so whenever the plot starts to go off the track, the filmmakers simply toss in some more mayhem. (Even when it gets it right, it gets it wrong, as in a scene in which the bad guy has a plan to take care of Max that actually makes sense, but then makes the ridiculous mistake of handcuffing his prisoner’s hands in front of his body.) Mark Wahlberg plays Max, a cop tortured by the reality that one of the men who killed his wife and baby is still at large. Mila Kunis plays Mona Sax, the gun-toting sister of a woman hacked to pieces in an alley not far from Max’s apartment. The deaths are related, of course, and lead Max to a shadowy group of people who sport wing-like tattoos as protection against a terrible evil. Or something like that. Cue the machine guns.