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Star Ratings

So -- star ratings. Like 'em or hate 'em? And what scale do you use?

Personally, I like them, I won't deny it. I find the shortcut they provide very useful. (When they aren't abused, of course.) That they lack the nuance of a full review goes without saying, but sometimes I like it quick and dirty, and I like that I can zero in on the reviews I'm most interested in just by glancing at the ratings.

There are probably only three "real" ratings: Good, Bad, and Indifferent (or Liked, Didn't Like, and Didn't Care One Way or the Other). Anything more is just shading. But I also like a certain amount of shading. More, in fact, than Amazon or Goodreads, with their 5-point rating systems, allow. Not much more. All I needed was an extra point. (My system, I've discovered, is essentially a blend of the other two, just phrased differently.)

Sometimes I don't like assigning ratings; sometimes books or movies defy the process. But I do it anyway, because most of the time when I have a problem, I'm just waffling, and because I like that other people do it, too.