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Gurglings of a Putrid Stream

Thoughts on books and other assorted topics.

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My name:  Brian Martin

My Rating Scale

Here's the rating scale I use.  I like it because sometimes one way of looking at it works better than another.  For instance, when I'm thinking of a rating, what comes to mind might be, hey, this is better than most books (or movies) of its kind, which would be a 3 rating, but other times what I think is, it's good, but not great, which is also a 3 -- or maybe I'm in an academic mood, and I think, it's a B (also a 3).  I'm sure someone could develop a similar but better system, but until they do, I'm sticking with this one.


5 = Must Read
4 = Well Worth Your Time
3 = Better Than Most
2.5 = Of Some Value
2 = Take It or Leave It
1 = Valueless

Or, put another way:

5 = You Gotta Read It
4 = I Highly Recommend It
3 = It's Good…Not Great
2.5 = Not That Great, But Has Some Good Parts
2 = Not Really My Thing, But If That's What You Like…
1 = It's Worthless, Man

Or, to use a simple grading system:

5 = A+
4 = A
3 = B
2.5 = C
2 = D
1 = F