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Facebook Trending News for Jan. 14, 2015

"Kyle MacLachlan to reprise role as Special Agent Dale Cooper when show returns"

I never saw all of the original episodes. Bizarre is fine, but it helps to have a point. Not a lot of interest in this.

"HLN commentator invites rapper 2 Chainz on show to debate marijuana legalization"

No idea who 2 Chainz is. No idea who Nancy Grace is, for that matter (she's the "commentator"). And what's HLN? Is my cluelessness a reason not to legalize marijuana? No, seriously, I really don't know how I feel about legalization. In my few brushes with pot I've seen the mellow version of laid back and I've seen the damn scary version of laid back. But it's probably something that needs to be tried.

"Talk show host responds to pastor who criticized her for celebrating 'lesbianism'"

Ellen can be funny. The clip is certainly funny (http://ellentube.com/videos/0-ma4x1e5a/). But I do believe that Hollywood has an agenda where gays are concerned. It's the same agenda that gives us so many sequels and remakes. Money. I wish people would figure that out.

"'Glee' actress says showering every day is a 'white people thing' on 'The View'"

Having experienced being without heat in a cold environment, I think showering every day is a warm people thing.