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Facebook Trending News for Jan. 16, 2015

Elon Must says he is building a test track for high-speed transportation system

Described in the article as a "train-in-a-tube." But only people under 30 can ride it.

Oilfield services company announces cut of nearly 9,000 jobs amid plummeting prices

Way to turn a positive into a negative, Schlumberger.

Former "Chuck" actor to star in NBC's superhero drama series relaunch, "Heroes Reborn"

First Twin Peaks, then Avatar, now Heroes. Make something new, people!

Musician, producer and former Runaways manager dies at 75

This would be Kim Fowley, who also produced The Murmaids song "Popsicles and Icicles." Anybody? Anybody? But The Runaways -- everybody remembers them, right? If "Cherry Bomb" isn't the greatest girls' lib song ever, I don't know what is. (Of course, it's also terrifying.) Your work lives on.