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BL Responds. And So Do I.

A recent discussion with Bookstooge -- during which I noted the complete failure of BookLikes to take any meaningful action to bring more members to the site and then suggested that perhaps making movies welcome on the database might be a step in the right direction -- led Bookstooge to inquire of BL why certain movies would come up in BL and not others. He thought it should be either all or none. BookLikes' answer can be seen in the Bug Reports section of their group, but I'll tell you what it is: None. That is, they don't want any nasty movies soiling their database. Well, I know that a few (I started to say a lot, but that's relative and BL can't be said to have a "lot" of members by any stretch of the imagination) -- that a few people agree with them. I think this attitude is short-sighted, narrow-minded, and just plain silly, but that's neither here nor there. But I give up. With BL's official word that movies aren't truly welcome on the site, I no longer feel that I am, either. We all know that many other people have left BL for a variety of reasons. This is mine. I never delete sites, but I do stop using them. And after this week, I will no longer be using this one. Again, if you care to, you can find me on WordPress at KinoLivres. If not, I wish you all the best.

Except maybe Bookstooge, who's going to forget me in short order. : -)