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Notes on Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Casino Royale (James Bond) - Ian Fleming

* The first Bond book.

* Somewhat oddly constructed, as though Fleming never quite decided on a final thrust for the book. Part spy story, part love story, part character study. Nothing too deep in any direction, but breezy and fun, and quite ruthless.

* The first appearance of Mathis, Leiter, and SMERSH.

* Bond doesn't think much of women in the field, thinking at one point that they ought to get back to their pots and pans. Very droll.

* (Others have suggested that he is a misogynist, which is ludicrous on its face. Bond hates women? Hardly. What he is, of course, is a chauvinist. I wonder if those disturbed by Bond's chauvinism were half as disturbed by the torture he suffers.)