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Notes on Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

Diamonds are Forever (James Bond) - Ian Fleming

* The fourth Bond book.

* Third appearance of Leiter.

* Bond starts the book by telling M that America is a civilized country, then spends the rest of it proving otherwise.

* He's up against the Spangler Gang here, the Mob. Not really his cup of tea and he knows it. So did I. The Mob is beneath Bond.

* Tiffany Case makes an interesting Bond girl. Bond is remarkably sentimental. Whenever he hooks up with a girl on a case, thoughts of marriage enter his mind. Fleming shows just how subtle he can be in the way he resolves their relationship, without even directly referring to it.

* A good book--lots of excitement, the usual bit of humor here and there, and it's always nice to see Leiter--but dragged down somewhat by the coarse and unrefined nature of his opponents, metaphorically dramatized when Bond is literally buried under mud as a result of his association with them. And it's a shame America gets such rough treatment.

* The seventh Bond movie (Sean Connery).

* The film series began by keeping the main plotline and altering details of the books; now it is just the opposite. What was a book about diamond smuggling becomes a movie about world domination, in which diamonds play a silly pseudo-scientific role.

* Manages even so to be one of the best movies, thanks to quirky characters, a good performance by Jill St. John as Tiffany Case (who is, of course, no relation to the character of the same name in the book), and effective action sequences. This is a minority opinion, but the majority seem to take the movies seriously, which, by this point in the series, is a fatal mistake.

*Terrific title song sung by Shirley Bassey.