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Cry for the Strangers by John Saul

Cry for the Strangers - John Saul

The people of the small, Pacific-coast fishing town of Clark's Harbor don't like strangers. Neither did the people of Cornwall Coombe, the small farming community of Tryon's "Harvest Home." The difference is, we understand why the corn-loving farmers don't like them. The people of Clark's Harbor are just unreasonably rude. One character repeatedly points out that trouble always follows when strangers move in, but the fact is, the trouble always comes at the strangers' expense. I should think pity would be a more appropriate reaction.

I read this first as a teenager, and I must have liked it quite a bit, because I went on to buy several more books by John Saul. Somehow it seems more suitable to teens, yet it was a bestseller; and this was long before Harry Potter or Twilight, when kids didn't propel books onto the NYT bestseller list. Or did they?

It's not bad, it's passive. It lies there and lets you do what you want, get what you can from it. It isn't a creative read and it doesn't encourage you to put any more into it than you care to. And that's what makes it happy. You can't really dislike a book like that, although you won't feel that great about conquering it, either. Unless, perhaps, it's your first time.