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Forbidden Planet (1956), directed by Fred M. Wilcox

I love this movie. It's a classic, and deservedly so. It's got an alien planet, a flying saucer spaceship, an advanced alien civilization, a cool robot, and an even cooler monster. It's got great special effects -- and I'm not even going to qualify that by saying "for 1956." And it's one of only a few science fiction movies that actually bases its plot on scientific thought and ideas.

Every once in a while, a movie will remind you why you love movies. Seeing the monolith in 2001 is such a moment. When Mike Hammer opens the box in Kiss Me, Deadly is another. Here, it's when we first see the Krell city, so vast and powerful and full of mystery and wonder.


This is one of those movies that, like The Thing (From Another World) before it, you can tell was made at a time not far removed from World War II. It's got that camaraderie among the military that's based on respect and friendship that was so common to WWII adventures. And it's got the funny banter to go along with it. I like these people because they like each other.

I even like the mad scientist. Because he isn't crazy at all. He doesn't even try to hide his discoveries, which is unusual for his type. He just doesn't want to hand them over wholesale to humanity. Which is an attitude that would piss me off, but which is also, in this case, the only sane approach.