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Stupid Universe

I have a brother who is an astrophysicist by doctorate. He was in town recently (for a physics conference, naturally) and I took the opportunity to ask him if there were any new theories that would give me hope for the universe.

It's this expanding universe thing, you see. When I was a kid, it was my understanding that it could expand only so far, until the sheer gravitational mass of it would send it hurtling back upon itself, ultimately resulting in another Big Bang. You know, sort of the Ouroboros theory of things. As I got older, I started hearing disturbing rumors of "missing matter." But then came "dark matter," and I figured all was well.

It isn't.

Evidently, the universe is going to expand forever, or until it just runs out of steam, without hope of collapse.

Cause that's what collapse is -- hope. Maybe not for any of us, but that's neither here nor there. It isn't death; it's rebirth.

Oh, sure, I tried to find a way we could jump from one universe to another, but my brother wasn't having any of it.

I said, "That's awfully depressing."

He just laughed.