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Have you seen this blog, from Bacon Ninja:




Well, here's what I have to say about the linked article, by Kit Steinkellner.



Won't read Orson Scott Card because he's homophobic? Really? If Gone With the Wind made her uncomfortable, I must assume that Ms. Steinkellner wouldn't go anywhere near the Declaration of Independence. Wouldn't want to support that nonsense. Click on the link about Roald Dahl and you find another link to "The Dark Side of Audrey Hepburn."


Self-selection is fine, but I don't really know what that means. That is, if a bookseller, who owns his own shop, self-selects *not* to carry books by particular authors for these reasons, I can just imagine the cries of censorship.


She says she had to have the courage of her convictions and stand up and say no to these "monsters." But her courage only extends to saying, Gee, I've decided I personally won't read them, but it's okay if you do. A brave woman, indeed.