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Follow Me If You Like...[Updates]

With 67 members, the group has gone from a tie for 141st place (that's how many groups there are in BL) to 18th place, in just 6 days.

For GR ex-pats, it's easy to scoff at this. I belong to a Horror group on GR that has over 8,000 members. That's more people than in all of BL's groups combined. By about 6,000 or so! Well, I guess we all already knew that BookLikes is still small.

Still, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Personally, I've started following several new people already as a result of the group, so I think it's helping.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know what I'm talking about, Follow Me If You Like... is a BL group designed to help you find people who are blogging about the subjects that interest you. And to help them find you. All in one place.

You put the sort of things you blog about in the main thread or the various genre threads (Romance, Horror, Historical, SF/Fantasy, and so on) so people can find you, then you read the posts of others in your favorite subjects to find new people *you* can follow. It's that easy.

It took awhile, but Rome *was* built.