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Surrogates (2009), directed by Jonathan Mostow

Surrogates are robots. They are the avatars of the human race. Ninety-nine percent of all human beings own one and link up to it whenever they want to leave their homes. Perhaps this is because they are ostensibly prettier than real people. Or maybe it’s because safeguards in the software protect the host, no matter what happens to their surrogate. Murder is almost unheard of. But someone has acquired a weapon that kills the host when it destroys the surrogate. Cue Thomas Greer (Bruce Willis), an FBI agent whose surrogate is out of commission, forcing him to hunt the killer as a mere “meatbag.” Regrettably, the filmmakers failed to realize what they had here: an opportunity for Greer to rediscover his humanity. Instead, Greer *begins* the film yearning to reconnect with his wife, in the flesh. The rest is anticlimactic. Oh, there’s a lot of action and a mystery that leads back to the inventor of surrogate technology (James Cromwell), but the urgency is all kinetic. A hero who hates robots shouldn’t be one himself.