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Capt. Kirk Is a Murderer

When Spock guest starred on Columbo, he was still basically Spock: cool, logical, in control. Yesterday, I finally got to the episode guest starring Capt. Kirk (Chekov even had a small role). Instead of playing Kirk, exactly, he was more like his dual self from the Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within."

He played a detective on a TV show with borderline MPD, helping Columbo solve the case as his character, even accusing his actor self of the crime (which, in fact, he committed).

Khan guest starred a few episodes earlier, playing a retired bull-fighter. At one point, when Columbo was questioning the foreman of Khan's ranch in Mexico, Columbo, who was supposed to be on vacation, passed off his interest in the case as an occupational hazard.

Foreman: Occupational hazard. What is that?

Columbo: That's when, wherever you go, you take your work with you.

Foreman: We call that loco.

Ain't it the truth?