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Logan's Search by William F. Nolan

Logan's Search - William F. Nolan

The best thing about this book is the ending, the way its utter stupidity just rolls off you. Because, by then, you've long ago realized that Nolan had one fresh idea for this series, and that was thirteen years earlier.

Ok, check it out: this time, Logan is abducted by aliens. Regrettably not Whitley Strieber's aliens who, had they rectally probed him, would have found Nolan's head.

These aliens then proceed to transport Logan back in time to a parallel Earth, where Sandmen still pursue Runners. And they give him a mission: to destroy this system, just as he helped to destroy it on his own world. Only this time it's a bit different. Instead of The Thinker controlling things, there's something else -- someone else -- pulling the strings: a man who thinks he's a God.

That's a lot of sf chestnuts for one short book.

But it gets worse. For instead of working out the details of this plot, Nolan spends half the novel on a couple of different ones, the longest, if not the dumbest of which, begins when Logan is falsely accused of illegal drug use and sentenced to death -- in a "Most Dangerous Game" kind of way in the Serengeti.

A book more completely bereft of imagination is hard to imagine.