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Stephen King Readers...Help!

In a Goodreads group, someone asked about the top five Stephen King Books. Based on my quick count, and disallowing "The Dark Tower series," the results look like this.

1. The Stand

2. (tie) The Shining
3. (tie) 'Salem's Lot
4. (tie) It

5. (tie) Pet Semetary
6. (tie) Misery

The Stand blew the others away, with almost twice the votes of Nos. 2-4. Most of his books got at least one vote, though -- including, somehow, Insomnia.

But what I want to know about is the exceptions, the books that didn't get a single vote, none of which I've read (except for Danse Macabre and The Dark Half), and most of which I own. For anyone who has read these, am I sitting on a bunch of clinkers or are some of them pretty good?

Here's the list of the no-votes that I haven't read:

Gerald's Game
The Regulators
Bag of Bones
Hearts in Atlantis
From a Buick 8
Lisey's Story