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The Book of Eli (2010), directed by Albert and Allen Hughes

The Book of Eli doesn’t really have anywhere to go that Ray Bradbury hasn’t already been, but the destination is less important than the journey anyway. Eli (Denzel Washington), a calm and quiet man by preference, a highly skilled warrior when necessary, walks west across the desert thirty years after nuclear Armageddon, fiercely protecting the book he carries in his backpack. The book, of course (it really is that obvious), is the Bible, and it is the last copy known to exist. Carnegie (Gary Oldman), the petty despot of a shanty-town Eli enters on his trek, also understands the power of the book—to manipulate and subjugate—and he’ll do whatever it takes to get his hands on it. Washington, no stranger to this kind of role, is perfectly cast as Eli, as believable as a simple, thoughtful man on a mission of hope as he is carving up bad guys with a sword he carries on his back and keeps razor sharp. Oldman is less interesting as the despot since he exists only to provide contrast. Overall, a solid entry in the post-apocalyptic genre.