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Gurglings of a Putrid Stream

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The Fanged Frog - Epilogue

An Open Window


It was late and Cooper’s All Night Drugstore and Fountain was nearly empty.  Besides a young couple in a booth near the door and Mr. Cooper, of course, Jack, Brenda, and Miranda were alone, happily sipping chocolate sodas at the counter.  Mr. Cooper, a tall, thin man about 35 years old, wore a white apron and a small paper hat.  He served the couple in the booth their soft drinks, then hurried back behind the counter.


“So what happened next?” he asked, his eyes gleaming with curiosity.


“Well, that’s about it,” Jack said.  “After we helped Miranda back to the wagon, she and I sat on it while Brenda ran to get some help.  She brought a couple of men who hauled the broken section of fence back to the wagon.  Then we slid the wagon on top of it, sealing the vampires inside.  The men helped us carry it back to Miranda’s place.”


“And now,” Brenda said, “both vampires are locked safely inside a cage at our house.  I don’t think they like being cooped up with each other at all,” Brenda finished.


“But what do we do with them now?” Jack asked.


“Give them to Mr. String, of course,” Miranda said.  “Creatures like those are what his circus is all about.”


“Hey, that reminds me!” Brenda said.  “What’s a Jungle B?  We saw a poster for Mr. String’s circus, but the corner was cut off.  All it said was, ‘See the Jungle B.’”


“Oh, that,” said Mr. Cooper, leaning forward over the counter.  “That’s a mean one, that is.  It’s a Jungle Bat.  Flies straight as a bird and they say its squeaks will drive a man crazy.”


“No problem,” Jack said.  “We just fought two vampires.  How much crazier could we get?”


Everyone laughed.




Meanwhile, back at Miranda’s house, a bird flapped its wings and landed softly on the sill of an open bedroom window.  Just inside, a large wire cage stood on the floor.  In the darkness it was difficult even for Maximus to see what was inside, but the soft petulant croaks left no doubt.


Maximus hopped from the sill to the floor and located the locking pin on the cage door.  Using his beak, he worked the pin free.  It wasn’t something he wanted to do, but the Doctor had been very persuasive.  Maximus’ right wing was still sore.


The croaking had stopped.  Maximus could see four round gleaming eyes looking at him curiously.


“Don’t thank me.  Thank Doctor Owl,” he said.


Quickly, he hopped back on the sill, as one of the vampires poked his nose at the cage door and it swung open.  Maximus looked back and said, “Who would have thought?  A fanged frog and a toad from Transylvania.”


Then he flapped his wings and disappeared into the night.