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Below (2002), directed by David Twohy

Below -





I wasn't even going to say anything about this one until I discovered that it received a lot of positive reviews in the press.

If you enjoy watching a black screen punctuated by flashlight beams for an hour...

If you love having no sense whatsoever of the physical geography of the place in which a story takes place...

If you like characters so bland it's hard to tell them apart...

If the idea of a 30-minute Twilight Zone episode stretched to more than three times that length gets you excited...

...then have I got the movie for you.

In 1943, a bunch of really boring people find themselves trapped on an American submarine that seems to be haunted by equally unexciting ghosts.

Horrible script, terrible direction. If anyone involved in this thing had taken a few hours to watch Das Boot (how to film aboard a submarine) and The Thing (how to establish character in a confined space), it might have been watchable. But they didn't.

So it isn't.