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Another One

I'm sorry, but this thing is a gold mine (Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham, M.D.). I'm not endorsing everything Mr. Wertham says -- these are complex issues -- but what he says is very thought-provoking.  I particularly like his take on "adaptation to the reality of life."

"The experts further claim that comic books are an aid for children in their general adaptation to life and, as one of them puts it, can serve as 'mechanisms for personal experimentation with reality.' It is not clear how children are supposed to do this. Are they supposed to play the hunters or the hunted? The torturers or the tortured? The rapers or the raped?...Where does the reality of life come in? Adaptation to the reality of life consists in learning to use one's faculties for something constructive, to make an effort to apply oneself, to seek guidance from those who know better, to respect the rights and wishes of others, to learn self-discipline. The reality of life may consist in a struggle, but that does not mean a continual violent physical fight between those who are not allowed to kill and those who are permitted to kill."