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Gurglings of a Putrid Stream

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Who's Weirder?

Book people or movie people? I'm thinking book people. I'm both, so I'm doubly weird. But think about it. Book people are solitary, and we all know what solitude can do to a soul, don't we? Movie people -- more so in the old days before VCRs and DVDs, but still -- are much more social: they go to movies in pairs or groups. You have make-out movies, but there aren't any make-out books. Movie people are of society while book people, in a way, are outside of it.

This doesn't mean movie people can't be seriously strange. When I was in college, I went to a James Bond movie showing at a campus theater. I went by myself (which shows that I discovered books before I discovered movies), and a few minutes before the lights went down, a guy comes in and sits in the row in front of me, just to my right. Now, this guy put a binder on his lap and he opened it and starting flipping through the pages. It was a collection of articles about James Bond. I know this even though I wasn't able to see the pages myself. I know it -- because the guy was talking to himself. All about what he was seeing on these pages. It was...a little creepy.

But, see, I figure this guy was like me, and that he had dual citizenship in the book world and the movie world. I can pretty much guarantee you that he wasn't just interested in the movies, that he'd read all the books, too, and probably a hundred times. And my guess is, books came first.

That's why I think book people are weirder.