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The Green Slime (1968), directed by Kinji Fukasaku

The Green Slime [Remaster] -

Got a minute?


That's all it takes to see The Green Slime, an American produced/Japanese shot and directed science fiction monster movie.


Keep in mind, this is all happening on a space station.


Space Dancing


That's Luciana Paluzzi at the table.  She's one of the original Bond girls.  She played the assassin Fiona Volpe in 1965's Thunderball.


She plays a doctor here.  You see, a large asteroid headed for Earth must be destroyed.  The two not-so-groovy guys with Luciana lead teams to place the charges and they pick up a slimy green substance on the surface (yeah, the asteroid supports liquids), transporting it back to the station.  It grows into a tentacled one-eyed monster that feeds on energy and produces more monsters from its blood.  One of these guys dies at the end.  Can you guess which one?


Oh, and just how suggestive is that great poster?