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The Last Days on Mars (2013), directed by Ruairi Robinson

The Last Days on Mars -

The Last Days on Mars is a how-many-times-have-I-seen-this-before kind of movie. A small team of scientists is conducting research on Mars. Their tour is almost up, the relief ship only days away. This is when one of them discovers life on the planet and unwisely sets out to obtain samples of it. For some completely inexplicable reason, a fissure opens in the Martian soil, and he falls in. A shipmate, left to keep watch by the pit while others bring back climbing gear, disappears before help arrives. Naturally, the two missing crewmembers are infected by the virus or whatever it is and, of course, it turns them into zombie-like creatures who want nothing, it seems, except to kill their former buddies.

So let 'em, I say.

I mean, who really cares at this point? (For those who do, I forgot to mention that anyone killed by a zombie becomes a zombie. But I didn't really need to mention that, did I?)

I suppose I might have cared -- if the characters seemed like real people; but the only one with any personality gets killed off pretty quickly. Ironically, it's a blessing: she's an angry complainer who's gratingly annoying. I was happy to see her go.

After that, it's just a lot of running around with helmet-less zombies bringing up the rear and occasionally striking somebody down. It's all as dull as Mars itself.

I kind of liked the ending, though.