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GPS Blog Read 2 - The Jungle Book - Discussion

Jungle BookThe time has arrived.


This will be Central Station for blog links and comments.

What to do:

Beginning tomorrow, May 1, post your review of The First Jungle Book (and of the movie, if you've watched it), and include the following tag: GPS Blog Read 2.

Come back here and post a link to your review in the Comments section. (You can also post a link from your review to here to help us get everyone into one place).

Then, since you're already here, start commenting on everyone else's reviews. If you're replying to someone else's comment, please consider a blog reply that identifies the commenter rather than a reply to that specific commenter. This way, all new comments will appear at the bottom, making it easier for everyone to find them.

Everyone is welcome to comment, even if you haven't posted a review of this book.